Modular Vises

Why Use SVF Modular Vises?

  • Conventional vises can hold ONLY up to 2 parts
  • SVF vises can hold as many as THIRTEEN parts
  • SVF vises easily adapt to YOUR needs
  • SVF vises are available in TWELVE sizes
  • SVF vises are made of 100% TOOL STEEL
  • SVF vises reduce multiple extra TOOL changes
  • SVF vises reduce multiple extra PALLET changes
  • SVF vises hold a WIDE range of part sizes & shapes
  • SVF vises will save you TIME & MONEY
  • Holds more parts in less space than any conventional vise
  • Easily adapts to your part size and shape
  • Will streamline your workholding process
  • It gives you a true competitive edge and increases your production
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