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SVF-BS01- Step Fixed Jaw Heavy Duty

For use on BE & C series

SVF-BS01 Products & Specifications

Please note: Some specifications below are rounded, please refer to PDF/CAD files for exact dimensions.


Item #A (in.)B (in.)C (in.)D (in.)E (in.)F (in.)Weight (lbs)Price3D (.STP)
SVF-BS01-5021.971.730.981.180.490.0791.1 Download
SVF-BS01-5051.971.730.981.180.490.1971.1 Download
SVF-BS01-7222.832.561.571.730.850.0794 Download
SVF-BS01-7252.832.561.571.730.850.1974 Download
SVF-BS01-10023.942.761.692.520.870.0795.7 Download
SVF-BS01-10053.942.761.692.520.870.1975.7 Download

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