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Tool Tightening Fixtures

changeable tool holder
easily assemble and disassemble the tool holder from main body while pressing the valve on the right hand side of the unit.
adjust up to 360°
easily adjustable tool holders for a full 360° (45° increments) by pushing the valve on the top of the tightening fixture.

The TCP-150 includes a fast-change-lock for switching adapter types by only using one base unit.

The top large RED button on the base activates the TCP-150 swivel function.

The side small RED button is used to change out adapters.

Adapters are available in: CT, HSK-A, HSK-E, HSK-F.

Adapters can be swiveled in 45 degree increments and automatically lock into place.

TCP Tool Holder

Item #Price
TCP-BT/CT30 Tool Holder
TCP-BT/CT40 Tool Holder
TCP-BT/CT50 Tool Holder
TCP-HSK-A-63 Tool Holder
TCP-HSK-A-80 Tool Holder
TCP-HSK-A-100 Tool Holder
TCP-HSK-E-32 Tool Holder
TCP-HSK-E-40 Tool Holder
TCP-HSK-E-50 Tool Holder
TCP-HSK-F-63 Tool Holder

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