BP01- Rectangular Plain


FC300 series high strength cast iron – stress relieved


Flat, parallel & square < .001″ over 12″

We can custom build any Sub Plate to fit your special needs.

Please note: Some specifications below are rounded, please refer to PDF/CAD files for exact dimensions.


Item #A (in.)B (in.)C (in.)E (in.)F (in.)Weight
Price2D (.PDF)3D (.STP)
BP01-50400-060015.7523.6220As RequiredAs Required188$1,495.00 Download Download
BP01-50500-060019.6923.6220As RequiredAs Required235$1,710.00 Download Download
BP01-50600-060023.6223.6220As RequiredAs Required284$1,750.00 Download Download
BP01-50400-080015.7531.528As RequiredAs Required251$1,540.00 Download Download
BP01-50450-090017.7235.4332As RequiredAs Required320$2,070.00 Download Download
BP01-50500-100019.6939.3736As RequiredAs Required395$2,540.00 Download Download
BP01-50600-120023.6247.2444As RequiredAs Required537$3,390.00 Download Download

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