CP11- Free Vise


  • Heat treated (Normalized)


  • Ideal for holding large or irregular shapes.


  • Clamping force in two directions, available with plain or serrated jaws.

Please note: Some specifications below are rounded, please refer to PDF/CAD files for exact dimensions.


Item #A (in.)B (in.)C (in.)D (in.)E (in.)F (in.)G (in.)H (in.)J (in.)K (in.)L (in.)M (in.)N (mm)TypeWeight
Price2D (.PDF)3D (.STP)
CP11-1260-G5.242.362.282.681.971.260.630.240.870.510.661.6510Ground4.62Call for Pricing Download Download
CP11-1260-S5.242.362.282.681.971.260.630.240.870.510.661.6510Serrated4.62Call for Pricing Download Download
CP11-1685-G7.363.353.153.622.761.970.940.351.180.670.922.3614Ground12.32Call for Pricing Download Download
CP11-1685-S7.363.353.153.622.761.970.940.351.180.670.922.3614Serrated12.32Call for Pricing Download Download

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