Sub plates for machining centers. Sub plates speed up production. Sub plates come in many sizes. Tombstonecity offers Stock & Custom Sub plates. Sub plates come with T Slots, Tapped holes or plain.

Tooling plates are work holding fixtures for machining large and small work pieces on boring mill vmc’s and horizontal machining centers. Tooling plates are like Sub plates. They can be used singly or in tandem. T-slots provide a simple means of clamping the work piece.

One piece cast construction prevents distortion under heavy loads. Sub plates are practical means of clamping and holding work in a r horizontal position for layout, machining and inspection or for a reference plane . Also ideal for use as cost saving, reusable, simple fixture. Tombstonecity Sub plates provide a practical and time tested means of holding work.

Sub Plates are Versatile way to hold work pieces, clamps, or locators perpendicular to the tooling surface. Angle Plates can be mounted to sub plate . Large sub plates are surface ground top & bottom and are held to tight tolerances, and qualified holes are in true position. All multipurpose holes are spaced accurately in true position.

Custom sub plates can be made to order to any specification. Common thicknesses are 2 inches and 50mm. All Rectangular Tooling Plates can be mounted as quick-change fixture plates on a subplate, as well as directly on a T-slotted machine

Sub Plates