Modular Vises

Why Use SVF Modular Vises?

  • Conventional vises can hold ONLY up to 2 parts
  • SVF vises can hold as many as THIRTEEN parts
  • SVF vises easily adapt to YOUR needs
  • SVF vises are available in TWELVE sizes
  • SVF vises are made of 100% TOOL STEEL
  • SVF vises reduce multiple extra TOOL changes
  • SVF vises reduce multiple extra PALLET changes
  • SVF vises hold a WIDE range of part sizes & shapes
  • SVF vises will save you TIME & MONEY
  • Holds more parts in less space than any conventional vise
  • Easily adapts to your part size and shape
  • Will streamline your workholding process
  • It gives you a true competitive edge and increases your production
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SVF modular vises are designed for precision clamping of very wide range of parts,for tool and die and production CNC machining applications. SVF modular vises lock precisely every time for guaranteed repeatability . The special wedge clamping system is delicate enough to hold thin parts without distorting and powerful enough for high horsepower hogging operations, delivering up to 6600Lbs of clamping force.

SVF vise are ALL match ground as standard. SVF modular vises can be easily ganged for high production part runs. The modular vises work well on VMC & HMC applications. The modular vise hold more parts in less space than any conventional vise. Vises asily adapts to your part size and shape. Will streamline your work holding process, saving both time & money.

SVF vises give you a true competitive edge and increases your production outputs The SVF vise is true modular part clamping system and allows you the flexibility to mix and match components. Vises are drilled and tapped to accept: bolt on parallels, soft steel machinable jaws, work stops, hardened V jaws. Unlike other vises the SVF modular vise is made of 100% tool steel, hardened & ground, to ensure a long lifespan under harsh environments.

For HMC applications an octagonal tombstone is available, this special tombstone affords excellent clearance to three sides of the part, eliminating additional setups. The vise system offers an economical workholding solution and lets you machine multiple work pieces in one quick set up.

Vises are offered in wide range of widths and lengths to fit a variety of machine sizes. The modular vise system conforms to your part requirements. With only a quarter turn to the screw, the wedge clamp jaw is forced both laterally and downward, precisely clamping the part and preventing part lift at the same time. Modular vises offer cost saving productivity by maximizing the number of parts in the work envelope.

Modular Vises

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