Large precision angle plates, Angle plates for machining centers. Angle plates speed up production. Angle plates come in many sizes. Tombstonecity offers Stock & Custom angle plates. Angle plates come with T Slots, Tapped holes or plain. Box angles are work holding fixtures for machining large work pieces on boring mill operations. & large machining centers .They can be used singly or in tandem.

Vertical and horizontal T-slots provide a simple means of clamping the work piece. One piece cast construction with heavy ribs help prevent distortion under heavy loads. Angle plates are practical means of clamping and holding work in a vertical or horizontal position for layout, machining and inspection or for a reference plane. Also ideal for use as cost saving, reusable, simple fixture.

Tombstonecity Angle Plates provide a practical and time tested means of holding work in any position. Versatile way to hold work pieces, clamps, or locators perpendicular to the tooling surface mounting the Angle Plate to a tooling plate. The vertical side has multipurpose holes for mounting clamps and locators. Large working face is accurately machined to tight tolerances, and qualified to the base. All multipurpose holes are spaced accurately in true position. Gusseted back provides excellent strength and rigidity while keeping weigh down.

Angle plate make machining large part easy. Inside & outside angle plates are convenient accessories which can be used to clamp, secure and hold work in a vertical or horizontal position for milling, or drilling or boring. Work can be clamped and rotated through all planes for measurement and calibration or machining without repositioning.

Slots allow work to be easily fastened to the face of the plate, and the plate to a fixture base or machine base. The inside corner is relieved so that work can be nested flat and square against the inner edges. Slotted angle plates can be used for quick mounting fixtures for machine set-up, layout, or inspection. They are heavily ribbed for strength and rigidity. Sides and ends are machine finished.

Lifting eye bolts are installed for to ease positioning. Angle plates are a practical, versatile means of clamping and holding work in a vertical position for layout, machining, and inspection, or for a vertical reference. Also ideal for use as a time-saving, reusable fixture component.

Custom angle plates can be made to order to any specification. They are made from cast iron, cast steel or aluminum alloy, but can also be made from other special/alternate materials if needed. Cast Iron is a high strength, material that is easy to machine, yet strong and vibration dampening.

Angle Plates