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SVF Axle for VMC
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Application Example

SVF Axle for VMC - Application Example



SVF Axle for VMC - Assembled

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SVFX Specification

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TYPE A” B” lb
SVFX-5030-100 13.78 3.15 106.28
SVFX-5040-100  17.72 115.10
SVFX -5050-100 21.65 3.15 123.92
SVFX-5060-100  25.59 132.74
SVFX-5070-100 29.53 3.15 141.56
SVFX-7240-100 17.72 3.15 118.41
SVFX-7250-100  21.65 128.33
SVFX-7260-100 25.59 3.15 137.15
SVFX-7270-100 29.53 145.97
SVFX-10040-100 17.72 4.02 154.35
SVFX-10050-100  21.65 166.48
SVFX-10060-100 25.59 4.02 184.12
SVFX-10070-100 29.53 203.96

*Please offer the brand and model no. of the indexing table and the tail stock that you use when you place an order.