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BP24- Narrow Angle Plate
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BP24- Narrow Angle Plate with Grid Chart

Material  FC300 series high strength cast iron – stress relieved
Application HMC / VMC
  • Alignment bushing & thread insert at every hole location
  • Easily adapts to standardized Jig components
  • Special design welcome
  • Can be special ordered with any size MTP Hole

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BP24- Narrow Angle Plate with Grid Specification

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MODEL NUMBER A B C D E F MTP Weight Price 2D CadFiles 3D CadFiles
BP24-180100-0300-5 11.81 7.09 3.94 1.57 5/8 2.17 10 29 $590 Download Download
BP24-230100-0400-5 15.75 9.06 3.94 1.57 5/8 2.17 14 42 $710 Download Download
BP24-280100-0500-5 19.69 11.02 3.94 1.57 5/8 2.17 18 53 $890 Download Download